The greatest quest in life is the pursuit of answers to the challenges that confront us each day. Indeed, God has already blessed us with the answers to all of life's problems through His infallible, inspired, and preserved "Love Letter" to mankind, the Bible.

As the pastor of the Crossroad Baptist Church, it is my privilege to invite you to come and experience the relevance of God's Word in a church that solely desires to convey all that Lord has for you in one of the most receptive, Christian families afforded to you today.

We are unapologetically a Bible-centered and mission-minded church with a focus on practical Christian living. Consequently, it is our goal to “preach the Word of God as it is to men as they are” without compromising the integrity of God’s great love for sinful man.

Come experience a warm welcome within a Christ-exalting church where you can grow to your full spiritual potential.

We look forward to seeing you here in our next worship service together!

Sincerely ,

Dr. Jim J. Rhodes

Dr. Jim J. Rhodes, pastor